iPhone, BMW, Jaguar among most coveted luxury brands of India in 2015


Apple’s iPhone has emerged as the most popular luxury brand of India in 2015.

As per ‘The Goonj India Index 2015: 7 Deadly Indian Sins’ report made exclusively available to Zee News, iPhone piped luxury car and clothing brands to become the most popular among all luxury brands in India.

This was followed by Jaguar, BMW and Lamborghini. Clothing line Zara was the most popular non auto luxury brand in India while the only Indian brand in this list was Manish Malhotra.

At the Goonj India Index 2015, iPhone ranked as number one luxury brand with 32.61 GPM while the company’s MacBook Air came last with 6.54 GPM.

Others in the list are: Jaguar (27.41 GPM), BMW (27.02 GPM), Lamborghini (26.85 GPM), Zara (19.37 GPM), Audi (17.89 GPM), American Express (17.39 GPM), Ferrari (15.42 GPM), Rolls Royce (14.62 GPM), Mercedes (11.96 GPM), Louis Vitton (10.57 GPM), iPad (10.18 GPM), Manish Malhotra (9.78 GPM), Tesla (9.19 GPM), Land Rover (8.75 GPM), MacBook Pro (8.66 GPM), Aston Martin (8.40 GPM), Bugatti Veyron (8.00 GPM) and Rolex (6.54 GPM).

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