Is Google Use Link Disavow As the Ranking Factor?

Link Disavow
Link Disavow

Google launched its Link Disavow program in a month ago. What we did not understand till this past week, however, is that there’s a chance which Google uses the information it receives through the Link Disavow tool as a ranking factor.

Google is not presently obtaining any kind of ranking signals from the Link Disavow tool. Later on, however, that may change. They have not made a decision. It may proceed either way, but if people are submitting plenty of links to the same websites. Google is equipped with more than 200 signals, and has various ways of deciding what is high or low quality, but does that mean there isn’t space for information through the link disavow Link Disavow tool to play some role inside the algorithm, even if it is not the heaviest signal it looks at?

It does not appear to be a very possible technique for competitors to harm each other. Even so, that does not indicate that some sites could not potentially be damaged if the data were to turn into a signal.

Since the Penguin update was launched, and Google have been sending out messages regarding links more aggressively, we have noticed people scramble to get a lot of links for their websites removed. Google is not informing you all the links that you need to be getting removed. It is providing you examples. As a result, we have observed several webmasters taking an aggressive approach of their own looking to get more links removed than they probably needed to. We have observed the letters webmasters have written to other websites requesting to get links removed for panic that they could somehow be damaging them in Google, even if they might consider it to be a important link otherwise. If it’s a good link, then it stands to reason it is not an issue that Google must be frowning upon. Still, these types of links are being requested to be removed.

Google has warned frequently that this Link Disavow tool shouldn’t be used in most cases, and that it should only be used after trying to get many of the links eliminated yourself (they will not even acknowledge your submission if they can see that you simply have not attempted). But what is the likelihood that there would not be many people over-reacting and taking advantage of it when they really should not be?

How many of the webmasters out there that had been damage by up-dates like Penguin are sick and tired of jumping through hoop after hoop, and can see the Link Disavow tool like a shortcut?

Those who have been damaged with bad links will most likely take a very heavy-handed approach to the links they disavow in their panic of viewing their visitors disappear a cliff. It is evident that some of those good links that are actually supporting the website will end up in the list together with low quality ones because the webmaster is either uncertain about if the link is a bad influence, or just believe the establishing fresh approach is the better one to choose.

So good sites may also have their websites most likely flagged as an bad source of links because of clueless webmasters, even though those clueless webmasters seem to have been making more work for themselves by disavowing links which are actually helping them.

And that is exactly the issue. If information from Link Disavow should become a ranking signal, this is where things may get difficult.

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