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Is it Possible to Get the Old Website Suggestion System Back in Firefox 43?



When you get used to a great feature that you use quite often in your favorite browser, it can be rather frustrating when it suddenly ‘disappears’ and is replaced with something that fails to work as well.

The Question

Is it possible to get the old address bar website suggestion system back in Firefox 43:

With the newest update to Firefox, the first suggested link is only a ‘general’ domain. In older versions of Firefox, the first suggested link was always the web page that I visited the most and I got used to this great feature.

Is it possible to disable the new domain suggestion system (for example, “Visit” shown in the screenshot below) and get the old system back?


Is it possible to get the old address bar website suggestion system back in Firefox 43?

The Answer

I noticed this today as well and played around in the about:config settings. To deactivate the new “Visit website” suggestion system, you will need to change one of the about:config preferences. The value you need to change is browser.urlbar.unifiedcomplete (set it to false).


Once that is done, everything will be back to normal.


Have something to add to the explanation? Sound off in the comments.

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