Is there an Easter Island statue on Mars too?


New discoveries on the Red Planet keep cropping up from time to time, but this week itself has witnessed numerous sightings. Two houses, a bear-like creature, an old man sitting with a walking stick, a metal drone and even an alien, as UFO/alien hunters claim!

Adding to the list is another discovery. NASA’s Curiosity rover photographed the landscape of Mars. UFO hunters seem to have found an anomaly in that photograph – that of the famous albeit mysterious Easter Island statues situated in the South Pacific!

A carved face in the Martian hills bear a striking resemblance to the statues of Easter Island and this was discovered by two prominent online UFO researchers after closely examining the NASA image.

According to The Inquisitr, UFO Sightings Daily editor Scott C. Waring — who has posted numerous similar discoveries both from NASA Mars photos as well as from the moon and other celestial bodies — zoomed in and juxtaposed the newly “discovered” Mars face with an actual shot of an Easter Island statue.

“This giant face on a hill was found by Mister Enigma of Youtube. He says it looks like the faces on Easter Island and he is correct,” wrote Waring on his blog. “This face is placed on the hill much like George Washington’s face is at Mount Rushmore, SD. As a monument for those who come after, so that they will remember and try to emulate their good deeds.”

The latest NASA Mars face “discovery” comes the same week that NASA plans a press conference, scheduled for today, November 5, to announce new scientific findings about the atmosphere on Mars.

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