It’s time to thank professional tradesmen

National Tradesmen Day
National Tradesmen Day

The builders of the entire infrastructures, our homes, businesses, schools – the professional tradesmen – now for the third year in a row have their own day when their contributions to the American society are celebrated and recognizes. This year the National Tradesmen Day is taking place on September 20.

Initiated by a world-class hand tools and power tool accessories manufacturer Irwin Tools, the day to recognize the skilled workers is celebrated throughout the country. As the Senior Vice President of Marketing for IRWIN Tools, Rich Mathews said, “It’s vitally important that we say thanks and show appreciation to these hard working men and women who deserve our recognition.”

And it is also important to make sure the skilled worker gap is acknowledged. “IRWIN is thrilled about the momentum building across the country to bring more attention to the skilled labor gap and the employment opportunities for skilled tradesmen,” Mathews continued. Currently the average age of the skilled worker is 56 years old and by 2030 many of them will be retired. And as such, it is important to start teaching the new generation of professional tradesmen without much delay.

The professional tradesmen are a backbone of a nation, they include bricklayers, roofers, electricians, plumbers and many more professions, without which no nation can properly function.

More information about this year’s National Tradesmen Day as well as photo galleries from the last year’s events can be seen at or

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