LG goes retro with new Wine Smart flip-smartphone


The newly announced LG Gentle branded is LG Wine Smart in select countries will be sporting a clamshell design, as reported by AndroidCentral. The price has yet to be announced for markets outside South Korea, but it now retails there for the equivalent of $ 171/£110. Japan last year in particular saw a substantial rise in clamshell popularity, with numbers rising 5.7 percent to nearly 11 million, with the likes of Panasonic and Fujitsu dominating. On top of that, it can browse faster because of its 1.1GHz quad-core processor. Transitioning from one to the other may well prove a bit of a shock for some, but thankfully there’s now the LG Wine Smart-already launched in South Korea as the Gentle-to help you along the way; it’s a handset with the body of a flip phone but the soul of a smartphone.

The new Wine Smart device, which runs on Android Lollipop replicates the traditional clamshell design, incorporating a keyboard and a 3.2 inch HVGA touchscreen.

The Gentle something of a low-end model, but quoting marker research company GfK, LG said that flip phones still account for 20% of the entire smartphone market, and that there’s plenty of growth opportunities with a cheaper model. The device also has 4GB internal memory which is expandable via microSD slot. Although now, some people prefer the touch screen smartphones, this phone claims to have an edge among the others.

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