M Square Group unveils Audi A6 Matrix in Mumbai


Adding yet another winner to its comprehensive and diverse portfolio, Audi, the German luxury car manufacturer has introduced the new Audi A6 Matrix. To celebrate this, M Square Group dealers for the car brand in Mumbai and Nashik hosted a party in the city.

“With the new Audi A6 Matrix, we are writing the next chapter in an excellent success story. It sets new standards in innovative technology that makes the sedan more efficient, powerful, intuitive and sophisticated than ever. The car features Audi Matrix LED headlights, signature Singleframe grille, new engine and transmission and an advanced infotainment system along with comprehensive updates to the profile and design. With its ‘engineered intuition’, it is a brilliant performer inside out, and when you buy it, you couldn’t have asked for a better driving companion as #ItJustKnows,” said Abhinav Mittal.


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