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You may have seen reports recently about people getting started with home based businesses with a great new money making tool – the computer. Not only that you can choose the type of business you are interested in, for example budding digital photographers can make money from their very own photos.

Imagine that – being able to start a business from scratch and using one of you hobbies to start your own online business. Digital photographers are receiving a regular income from stock photography sites as well as receiving hundreds of dollars by selling photos to magazines and other media publications. You can also make money for photos.

Stock photography is defined as a batch of existing digital photos which can be licensed for use.

Microstock is just a sub product of stock photography and the main differences would be that a microstock photography agency normally sources images with exclusive rights. They also work with great number off digital photographers than a stock photography agency does, and concentrate on selling millions of images at rather low prices on average about a dollar.

Every photo that you take will become part of your “stock”, just like any other resource and as the copyright holder you can license the images as many times as you like. You are able to sell your photos over the internet through either stock agencies or microstock sites. You could even set up your own personal digital photo website and market them from there or you can approach publishers and other potential clients directly.

If you want to find out more on how to make money from photography, then you just need a computer, a digital camera and ofcourse, and an internet connection.

These tips will help you make the most of hobby and discover how to provide the photos that online buyers are really looking for.

1. Take photos of objects in and around your home.

Another fast and easy way to get photos to sell online is to simply shoot objects inside or around your very own home. Publishers are always looking for photos of ordinary objects, office equipment, and whatever else you have lying around the house.

2. Take photos of yourself.

It can be tricky to take pictures of people, because you need to be covered legally. So the easiest human subject to photograph is… yourself

3. Find out what pictures people are looking for.

Learn how to do keyword research so you’ll have a good idea of which photos are in high demand online. A quick Google search will lead you to good tutorials for doing keyword research. You can learn this in under half an hour.

By following these simple tips you’ll soon be enjoying a nice extra money from your digital photos – not just this holiday season, but for many months to come.

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