Make RSS Feeds for Your Google Plus Profiles

RSS Feeds for Google Plus
RSS Feeds for Google Plus

Have you want to see your friends’ Google+ posts in your RSS reader? A handy new web application called Google Plus User Feed will let you do just that. And the configuration is really simple.

All you need is the Google+ user’s profile ID, the Google Plus User Feed URL and the RSS reader to add it to. So, identify the profile ID for the Google+ user you want to add to your feed.  You can find it in the profile URL, it must have series of numbers – Copy that number.

Add the URL: to your reader.  Paste the profile ID number at the end of the URL. In my case, my full URL have been

And this is pretty much all you have to do, next is to add the newly create URL to an RSS Feed reader of your choice, like Google Reader or another feed reader to follow your friends’ public updates via RSS Feeds.

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