Manasven Raina of MDS Sr. Sec. School gets selected in International Earth Science Olympiad


Udaipur : MDS student Mansven Raina proves that there is no short cut to hard work by securing 13th All India Rank in The International Earth Science Olympiad – IESO, which was was founded as one of the major activities of the International Geoscience Education Organization (IGEO). It is an annual competition for secondary school students. The main aims of the IESO are to encourage students interest and public awareness of Earth Science and to enhance Earth Sciences learning and to enhance Earth Science teaching/learning at school level. The IESO aims further to foster friendly relationships among young learners from different countries and promoting international cooperation in exchanging ideas and materials on Earth sciences and Earth sciences education.

The Geological Society of India is the body responsible for selecting the Indian Team for the International Earth Science Olympiad. So far, the Earth Science Olympiad program in the country involved four stages: (i) National level Entrance Test, (ii) Training Camp culminating in the Indian National Earth Science Olympiad, (iii) Pre-departure training camp and (iv) International Earth Science Olympiad. The Earth Science Olympiad (ESO) is conducted by the ESO Cell at the Geological Society of India constituted by the President, Geological Society of India.

The IESO is supported by the Ministry of Earth Science (MoES), Government of India as one of its outreach programme for promotion of Earth Science.

According to the Dr. Nidhi Maheshwari, Principal, MDS Senior Secondary School, Manasven Raina was preparing for this examination with great focus and enthusiasm and was very confident of his success. Maheshwari also informed that Manasven has done true justice to his talent and the whole TEAM MDS is very happy about this success.

Manasven dedicates this success to his parents, Director of MDS Dr. Shailendra Somani and Anil Gautam sir, Lecturer of Social Science, Resonance, Udaipur.

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