Media Network Asset Management issue IPO on NXT Asset Exchange


Media Network Asset Management SharesMedia Network Asset Management is a company which specializes in webdesign and online marketing. Started in 2014 and created by group of proffessionals, it has grown from a home office business to now located in a business unit in Andhra Pradesh State, India.

Media Network Asset Management is an interesting venture, for a number of reasons. MNAM is a company that pulls wealth into crypto from the mainstream economy. A lot of trading goes on in crypto, but most of it is plays on bitcoin and altcoins – the same market just moving money around between traders. This MNAM brings new money in from the fiat economy.

How will Media Network Asset Management contribute to this project in the short and medium term?
•    The Promotors of MNAM Shares are committed for organizing and directing the affairs of the Company in a manner that is most likely to promote our success for the benefit of the shareholders as a whole.
•    Financially – without going beyond the current budget and putting our core business at risk;
•    Indirect financial support through the human and logistic involvement of Media Network Asset Management resources like Hosting Server, Domains, SEO Support, etc. (supplementing the budgets of certain departments in order to cover short-term and medium-term needs).
•    The marketing and promotion needed by Media Websites will be done by Media Network Asset Management’s departments; the financial cost will be covered by increasing these departments’ budget;

MNAM Shares are issued via a digitally signed certificate on the NXT Asset Exchange. Ownership is transferred by transferring the digital certificate representing a particular asset. Whoever can demonstrate ownership of the private-key securing the certificate is presumed to own the asset.

Asset Name: MNAMS
Asset Account: NXT-Q37A-2ZFS-7R63-2U76P
Asset ID: 11448123662956582286
Total Assets: 21M
60% of MNAMS (12600000) Reserved for Promoters
10% of MNAMS (2100000) Reserved for Promotional and Giveaway Programs
30% of MNAMS (6300000) Reserved for Public Offer (IPO) on first come first serve basis

MNAMS is following a growing trend of real busiesses using the NXT blockchain to raise funds.

To know more information and participate in MNAMS IPO visit: MNAM Shares IPO

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