Meet India’s 9-year-old CEO-cum-cyberexpert Paul Reuben


NEW DELHI: At his age, boys are just stepping into the fantasy world of Hogwarts and beginning to identify with the Wimpy Kid, but Reuben Paul has his eyes on the rain — the green code rain of The Matrix. The third-grader is already an accomplished hacker, app developer, cybersecurity expert and, not surprisingly, CEO of a game development firm, Prudent Games. In hacker circles, he is also a respected speaker, who shares his wisdom from the dais while standing on a chair hidden behind the lectern.

On Thursday, the smiling nine-year-old from Austin, Texas was back in action at Ground Zero Summit 2015, a meeting of cybersecurity experts and researchers that’s one of the biggest hacker conferences in the world. Last year, he had delivered his keynote on November 14, Children’s Day, but this time he’s here as a ‘special ambassador’ for teaching cybersecurity to children and has a special address lined up.

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