Microsoft develops its own version of Linux-based operating system


In a rather unconventional move, Microsoft is working on a Linux-based operating system.

This new operating system is not going to find its way into desktops and laptops, but is instead aimed at driving the networking hardware in the enterprise space. Until now, the diverse set of networking hardware available was run on different software platforms, which made managing them a nightmare.

Microsoft aims to simplify and unify the process of managing this hardware. But still, their choice of going with Linux (and not a Microsoft OS) for building this management software is truly surprising.

Although the new Microsoft under Satya Nadella’s leadership has shown that it isn’t afraid to play nice with diverse technologies, so long as it gets the job done.

-Microsoft has built something called Azure Cloud Switch (ACS), which is based on Linux.

-This software is being used to connect networking hardware like switches and routers

-With the diverse set of hardware offerings when it comes to enterprise networking hardware, the challenge is managing the many kinds of software that runs on them.

-The aim here is to build a cloud-centric software platform that simplifies the process of managing this hardware

-What’s most interesting is to note that the new Satya Nedella Microsoft is one that’s not afraid to include newer software choices while implementing solutions. Even Linux.

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