Microsoft Posts Record Revenue


Microsoft is reporting that during the second quarter of its 2013 financial year it set a revenue record by raking in $21.5 billion and earnings per share (EPS) is $0.76. Microsoft’s revenue for the quarter set a new high.

The Windows division of the company had a particularly strong quarter, generating $5.88 billion in revenue, a 24% increase from the same period a year before. Even when you factor in deferred revenue from Windows upgrade offers, Windows revenue was still up 11% year-over-year.

Microsoft did not break out sales figures for its new Windows 8 products, 60 percent of computers worldwide are running Windows 7 while the company has managed to push out 60 million Windows 8 licenses.

Windows Phone sales were four times what they were last year. Microsoft doesn’t seem particularly worried about the declining PC market as Windows revenues outpaced sales of x86 machines by a significant margin.

Microsoft’s stock was up down by about 1% in after hours trading following the earnings report.

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