Microsoft Sues Corel Over ‘Stupid’ Slider Design Patent


Patents war is a common practice with technology giants. Most companies put their name on oddest of technologies and use it to impose a large licensing fee or use it as a leverage to win lawsuits. The legal dispute between Samsung and Apple has shown the lengths to which two powerful companies are willing to go to make the other pay. But a recent lawsuit has laid bare on a patent that pushes things to another level of ridiculousness altogether. Microsoft has sued Corel over a slider design.

Last month, Microsoft sued Corel over infringement of nine of its patents. The Redmond-based company noted that some of Corel’s applications such as Corel Write and Corel Calculate are using the company’s patented technologies. One such patent was a software slider, pictured below, that allows users to quickly zoom-in and zoom-out. Electronic Frontier Foundation, the digital rights group has slammed Microsoft’s slider-centric patent, adding that it is the “Stupid Patent of the Month”.

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