Military Pay Scale 2011

Military Pay Scale
Military Pay Scale

Learning about the small percentage increase in the pay for military people makes us army personnel frustrated. President Obama proposed an increase of 1.4%, while the Congress said they want a 1.9% increase. The lowest increase that the army ever had was last 1988, with an increase of just 2%. Everything around us has been increasing in price. The 2011 military pay scale reflects an amount that can hardly suffice for us and our families.

As a previous army personnel, I know for a fact that the amount that we receive monthly depends on the soldier’s rank and length of service. But even if you’ve been inside the military for a long time, if your rank has not changed, there’s a very little chance for your salary to improve.

The 2011 military spend scale just made me understand that the greatest way to gain cash for me and my family might not be by being part of the military. A lot of soldiers feel that there’s no life for them outside of their duty. That’s why even though some no longer wants to go back; they have no choice because they believe that there is no other way for them to generate funds.

But there is a plausible job option for military personnel like me, and that is by making money online. The internet is a very vast universe, who would’ve predicted that it would also pose hundreds of ways to earn money? You can earn money by putting up a website of your own and advertising other people’s products. You can also put up an internet business where you sell products locally or internationally.

You may also become a remote customer representative, a data entry specialist, a business analyst, a web designer and so on. You will find hundreds of ways to generate cash on the internet, and it is possible to be sure that the money you gain would be much more than sufficient for you and your family’s requirements, you can even compare it to 2011 military pay out scale.

Military basic pay is subject to federal income taxes, unless earned in a designated combat zone. Whether or not basic pay is subject to state income taxes depends on the laws of the state which the military member claims as his/her legal residence. Military Basic Pay is dependent upon pay grade (rank) and years of military service. For more pay details and allowances see this DFAS listing for 2010 rates and this one for 2011 rates.

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