Moto G 2015 video review


THE MOTO G (2015) is Motorola’s latest “flagship killer”. The firm is hoping that the smartphone, with its sub-£200 price tag and premium features, will persuade buyers to ditch their iPhone or Galaxy S6 and save 300 quid in the process.

The specs aren’t quite as high end as those found on the iPhone 6, but the Moto G packs a 5in HD screen, quad-core processor, 13MP camera and IPX7 certification – making it resistant to water and dust – despite its dirt-cheap £159 starting price.

It’s also the first in Motorola’s Moto G series to come with Moto Maker support, although this will cost you £20 extra.

One of the most appealing features of the Moto G is its software. Unlike most of its high-end competitors, the handset offers a largely untouched version of Android 5.1 Jelly Bean, meaning you won’t find any of the usual bloatware and are likely to be first in line to receive future software updates.

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