New year revelry: More drunk drivers caught than last year in Mumbai


Despite Mumbai traffic police’s stringent anti-drunk driving campaign, the city surely seems to be taking little notice. A total of 705 drivers were booked on the night of December 31 for driving under the influence of alcohol, and in December itself, 3,297 were caught for the offence.

The traffic police, however, claimed that it also showed how efficient the enforcement of law has been, due to which so many violators were caught.

Activists involved with NGOs working on road safety issues, however, said the rising number was a source of worry. “This year, more people have been caught on December 31, compared to the last two years. Also, the total number of drivers caught in 2015 has gone up, compared to the last couple of years. So it is evident that though traffic cops are booking drunk drivers, there is no fear among the drivers. It is obvious that traffic cops need to work on creating bigger deterrents in terms of the fines or at least a couple of days of imprisonment,” said an activist.

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