OneHash a dynamic bitcoin betting platform with no ads



OneHash is a cleanly designed platform for bitcoin betting that requires no registration and is completely ad­free. Currently one can wager on UEFA Champions League and Europa League matches and soon more sports and special events will be launched.

FIFA World Cup in Brazil was a first great opportunity for OneHash to verify if there’s any market for sports betting with bitcoins. The platform turned out to be an attractive and trustworthy place for entertainment. This initial positive feedback gave its founders a reason to continue their venture. Today, after a short development period OneHash provides betting on UEFA contests and this is not their last word, as they ensure.

We came up with an idea for OneHash since we felt lack of an easy bitcoin betting platform on the market. We aimed at creating a clean and user­ friendly place for bettors who want to have fun while watching their favourite teams. There are no adverts here and no other distractions. Just pure fun and sports excitement ­ s​ays Eric Baker, Brand Manager at O​

The main feature of OneHash as a bitcoin betting platform is quite unusual. OneHash functions not as a traditional bookmaker but as a place allowing mutual betting. What does it mean? Simply that the opponent is not the house but directly other bettors. This affects the betting course which changes dynamically. From now on not only game provides entertainment.

Placing bets at OneHash does not require signing in. Users just put a bet, identify their bitcoin wallet and provide an e­mail address to receive information about betting results.

The platform hopes to expand quickly. Soon new sports and special events will be added to increase the number of users visiting the website.

About OneHash

OneHash is a simple and modern bitcoin betting platform. It enables users to make mutual bets via the platform. This means that all bitcoins circulate between bettors and belong to themselves. Such a solution ensures high credibility of OneHash as a betting provider. Moreover, dynamic betting course means that any bet has an actual impact on the course, which results in even more emotions during the game. w​

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