Pedro Alvarez Cabral


On the 50 reis stamp of Brazil 1906, we can find face of Cabral, the discoverer of Brazil (or rather second discoverer, for Pincon, a companion of Columbus, first discovered the country).

Cabral was born in Portugal about the year 1460 and had just attained manhood when the news of Columbus’s great discovery thrilled the world.

In 1500 he received command of a fleet of vessels to go to the East Indies, but taking a course too far westward the ocean currents carried him to the coast of Brazil, of which he took possession in the name of the King of Portugal. He named the country Terro da Vera Cruz, but the king re-named it Brazil from the red wood which it produces. Brazil remained a colony of Portugal until 1822, and the language of the country is Portuguese today.

Cabral died in Portugal about 1526.

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