PETA wants bikers to shed leather jackets, bike accessories


Panaji, Feb 18 (IANS) Bikes are cool, leather riding jackets are not. That’s the message PETA is trying to send across at the India Bike Week, which is scheduled to start in Goa on Friday.

Women bikers along with representatives of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) will be doling out free helmet stickers, bike tail flags, anti-leather buttons and literature asking riders to “Ride Without Hide” and show some compassion for animals.

“Bikers are in a position to make a difference for animals and the environment every time they choose to leave leather out of their passion for riding,” said PETA India Youth Outreach Advisor and biker Neha Singh, who is co-ordinating the campaign.

“With so many eco-friendly, stylish options widely available, it’s time to put the leather trade to bed.”

Women bikers are also expected to turn out in faux leather jackets and boots in lieu of leather biking accessories and wear.

“Bikers can also take a photo pledge in front of a backdrop proudly reading, ‘My Last Pair of Leather Shoes’,” Singh added.

The two-day India Bike Week is scheduled to start at Arpora village in North Goa, 15 kms from Panaji from Friday.

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