Peter Mukerjea Back At Police Station a Day After Marathon Questioning


MUMBAI:  TV tycoon Peter Mukerjea today arrived at a police station in Mumbai for a second round of questioning on the murder of his step-daughter Sheena Bora, a day after a 12-hour session during which he reportedly came face to face with his wife Indrani Mukerjea, the main accused.

On Wednesday, Mr Mukerjea met his wife for the first time since her arrest on August 24 for the murder of Sheena Bora, the daughter she had always introduced to everybody as her sister.

Ms Mukerjea, the police say, was entrenched in an alleged financial battle with her daughter; the money they fought over was allegedly linked to the INX Media Group, co-founded in 2007 by Ms Mukerjea and Peter Mukerjea.

News agency PTI reports that Peter and Indrani Mukerjea were interrogated together. The police want Peter Mukerjea to reveal information about his wife’s business dealings. In 2009, the Mukerjeas sold their stake in the INX broadcasting group, tailgated by reports of embezzlement.

Peter Mukerjea was in the UK when Ms Bora was allegedly strangled in a hired car by her mother, driver and step father Sanjeev Khanna, according to the police. The corpse was kept overnight in Mr Mukerjea’s garage, then driven to a forest the next morning where it was set on fire. The Mukerjea residence and garage were searched by the police today.

Peter Mukerjea’s son from his previous marriage, Rahul, was living with Ms Bora when she disappeared after an evening meeting with her mother. Ms Mukerjea told friends and family that Ms Bora had shifted to the US. Peter Mukerjea says that though Ms Bora had told him that she was Ms Mukerjea’s daughter, he disbelieved her.


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