PM Modi’s showmanship carried the day at Wembley, but back in India things won’t be so spectacular


BJP’s Bihar debacle and the trust deficit Prime Minister Narendra Modi is fighting on the home soil have clearly failed to dampen his ability to make his foreign trips a big success. Modi’s UK-trip is a perfect endorsement of his ability to use his salesmanship and showmanship to advantage whenever he flies abroad.

Modi’s speeches at UK Parliament and Guildhall and the response he received shows that despite the setbacks and the bruising at home, Modi continues to be the showstopper in his foreign trips and a successful salesman in hardselling the India-story, like no one has done before.

“At this point of time, it is wiser to be in India,” Modi reminded a group of industrialists at Guildhall. “I assure you of my personal care in making your dreams a reality,” he said. The attitude was not that of a politician but a seasoned salesman who knows how to sell his stuff or that of a corporate executive making presentation to potential investors.

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