Police are just a ‘button’ away


Imagine a device, which at a mere press of a button helps to flush out a chain-snatcher or a molester within minutes by activating cameras on similar devices mounted on intelligent robotic terminals in the immediate vicinity.

Reality soon

Don’t scorn at the idea. For, it may become a reality in the not too distant future. But it all rides on the success of Red Button Public Robotic Spectrum (RBPRS), an intelligent robotic terminal built to help public reach out to police 24/7 without any fear through the click of a red button.

The success of the pilot project to be implemented in the rural police limits in Aluva and Perumbavur may lead to advanced systems in more locations in the second phase.

Home Minister Ramesh Chennithala will launch the first such machine at Aluva on August 18, Anwar Sadat, MLA, said here.

Rural SP Yathish Chandra said the device would function more or less according to the philosophy of a passenger alarm chain to bring train to a halt on an emergency.

“If found successful, it may get emulated across the State,” he told a press conference here on Friday.

The usage is rather simple: when someone presses the red button, the intelligent robotic terminal will automatically relay an SOS alert with the exact location where the button was pressed along with current 360 degree images of the location to the police control room and to the nearest police petrol vehicle. A hotline telephone link will automatically open up and the person, who presses the red button, if he so desires, can pass specific information to the control room.

But for those needlessly pressing the button, the person’s image would also be relayed to the control room inviting penalties.


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