Private browsing on Firefox to get more private with new tracking protection feature


New Delhi: Mozilla is testing a new feature that will make your private browsing on Firefox even more private.

The new Private Browsing mode for Firefox web browser will not only keep no trace of your browsing history but also block online services from keeping a track of your online browsing behavior.

Although there have been separate plug-ins to do the same, but Firefox now combines the ability in its own private browsing mode.

While incognito mode browsing doesn’t save your browsing history, online services are capable of tracking the user through techniques like fingerprinting, even when they don’t have access to all of the cookies on the machine, Tech Crunch reports.

The new feature lets you unblock some trackers so you can still use these sites. It also enforces add-on verification to keep unsolicited extensions at bay.


The new experimental feature is now available in the Firefox Developer Edition for Windows, Mac and Linux, as well as the Firefox Aurora channel on Android.


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