Puppy Mills


Puppy Mills

Puppy Mills

Puppy Mills

Puppy mills are the not-so-secret dark side of the dog world. Raising awareness is the number one thing that needs to be done to ensure that puppy mills are closed down. Here are some key things that you can do to find a puppy that is not bred in a puppy mill: People need to be educated about puppy mills to avoid purchasing puppies from one. Getting to know that what puppy mills actually are, people will keep away from them to greater extent.

Puppy mills are a place where they bred and produce puppies, just like any other product is manufactured at a mill. Puppy mills resemble production lines, and disregard the health of the dogs. Puppy mill owners neglect their dogs by feeding them low quality food, keeping them in small cages, and withhold love, affection, and freedom to run and play. Developing attitude and health issues is commonplace when dogs are raised in puppy mills due to inclement conditions.

Many puppies on sale in pet stores, in newspaper advertisements or on the internet, could actually come from puppy mills. Avoid buying from any source that you suspect uses puppy mills. Your knowledge as a customer grows when you pose some valid questions. It is most likely that if a pet store that sells puppies is unable to verify where they bought them that the dogs are from a puppy mill. Pet stores will have verifiable documentation to prove that they are selling puppies from reputable sources.

Puppy Mills

Find out what laws are on the books in your state regarding the care and breeding of animals. Local representation is available to discuss any problems you may have. Many people believe that they can play a positive role by rescuing a puppy from a puppy mill by purchasing from a mill. However that will only help the puppy mill owners to rear more puppies. A great and effective step to take to get puppy millsshut down is to create laws in regards to their existence.

It is possible to eliminate the need for puppy mills altogether by adopting pups and dogs at animal shelters or going through a breeder who has a strong reputation. Compassionate breeders are definitely out there, people who want to buy a puppy from a reliable source will simply need to find them. Upper class breeders will always be prepared to let one view the area where there dogs and puppies are housed, while a puppy mill owner will not feel the need to show the living area and how it is maintained. Higher quality breeders keep their canines in a clean and spacious place that ensures their good health and contentment with amenities and companionship. Often times, the puppies parents will live in the house with the breeder as a pet.

Animal shelters provide an improved source to get puppies that didn’t originate from puppy mills. Dogs up for adoption in animal shelters are rescued; therefore, people will be doing a great deed by giving them a forever home. People can easily find a dog breed of their choice at an animal shelter, and they can be certain that they are not perpetuating an industry that breeds misery.

Animals are used more like machines than pets when they are in a puppy mill. Mills are cruel and harsh places and they do not treat their animals properly. The more awareness that is raised about the plight of animals stuck living in these conditions, there will definitely come a time when all puppy mills are put out of business and will be forced to close down.

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