QuadrigaCX Set to Become First Publicly Traded Bitcoin Exchange


QuadrigaCX is Canada’s largest Bitcoin exchange, and it is set to become the world’s first publicly traded Bitcoin exchange.

The exchange will be traded on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the name Quadriga Fintech Solutions, with the ticker “XBT.” Trading is set to begin in early April of 2015.

In order to to be traded publicly, Quadriga will have to pass a full audit. The exchange hopes that this audit will increase the Bitcoin community’s confidence regarding the soundness of Quadriga, which will hopefully make the exchange the most trusted one in the Bitcoin industry.

In February of 2015, Quadriga raised approximately $ 850,000 CAD in investment. Funding was led by top brokerage houses in Vancouver, Canada, including Haywood Securities, Jordan Capital Markets, PI Financial, and Wolverton Securities.

This development comes on the heels of the abrupt closure of CAVIRTEX, a large Canadian exchange, which shut down due to possible security breaches.

Image courtesy of BTC Feed.

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