Rare Stamps: Basel Dove

Basel Dove
Basel Dove

This is a kind of postage stamp and it was brought out by the Swiss district of the Basel. It was issued on the first of July 1845, during this period in Switzerland’s history; each canton issued their own stamps.

The Basel Dove was issued by the Canton of Basel. It is also the only stamp issued by the Canton of Basel. This stamp was valued as 2 ½ rappen; at that time there were no service of providing the uniform rates. On 1st January 1849 a national postal service came forth and after that the whole postage method becomes simpler to handle. If we look back in the history then we come to know that this stamp was made by Melchior Berry; the design was composed of a dove of white color that was having letter in its beak.

The color scheme was composed of black, dark red and blue colors, the world’s first tri-color stamp; the dove was actually stamped on the stamp or the ticket in simple words. The use of this beautiful stamp was just got obsolete from the 1st October 1854. The stamp was not valid for use after 30 September 1854, by which time 41,480 stamps had been printed. Collectors need to be aware that several forgeries have been circulated. Today, the Basel Dove remains one of the rare and most beautiful classical stamps.

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