Review: The HTC One M9+ is an expensive proposition


Designs and impressive features have been the trademark for most of HTC’s mobile phones. The Taiwanese smartphone maker’s latest, the HTC One M9+, doesn’t disappoint either. However, in a market that churns out stylish smartphones regularly and at reasonable prices, we wonder if consumers would pay a substantial amount for this one.

What’s good: The 5.2 inch screen with a resolution of 1440×2560 pixels, aided with a BoomSound Dolby Audio surround sound (the speaker is placed on top of the device), makes it perfect for watching videos and playing games. Thanks to the MediaTek X10 Helio octa-core 2.2GHz processor, the device can multi-task and run smoothly while downloading heavy files and watching videos simultaneously. Another outstanding feature is the finger authentication sensor (placed at the bottom centre of the phone). After three unsuccessful tries, the device automatically asks for the lock pattern that can be set as a back-up.

What’s not: The stylish-looking phone can be slippery at times owing to its all-metal body. The buttons for adjusting the volume and locking the device are both placed in a row on the right side. In an attempt to adjust the volume, you may accidently hit the lock button, which can be annoying. The device heats up due to continuous consumption of videos or when using Skype for more than two hours. The battery drains quickly on constant usage but can last for about 12 hours on average.

Verdict: Though the device impresses us with its style and display, it is overpriced. With such a high price tag, it is hard to ignorethe shortcomings.

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