Samsung Galaxy Note5 first impressions


Successor to Galaxy Note 4, the new device breaks away from how Samsung typically designs the Note devices and instead follows the company’s flagship smartphone, Galaxy S6. The phablet comes with a much refined S-Pen stylus capabilities for better multi-tasking and improved video capabilities. We spent some time with the Note5 at the launch event and here’s a brief look at the phone…

Samsung Galaxy Note5 looks like a bigger version of the Galaxy S6 complete with a metal frame and glass panels at the front and back. However, the back is curved at the edges to enhance grip. This is critical especially since the Note5 is a large device though the phone’s width is slightly lesser than that of the Note 4.

Thanks to the super-thin bezel, Samsung has been able to fit the 5.7-inch display in a relatively smaller body which means the phone doesn’t feel unwieldy though not exactly optimum for one hand use. It’s undoubtedly a premium device and feels great to hold but the back is very prone to smudging. Also, it felt a bit slippery.

You no longer get access to the phone’s battery as the phone has a unibody design and a non-removable back and this is slightly disappointing. It also doesn’t feature a microSD card slot so you have to live with the built-in flash storage.

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