Samsung unveils a sleep tracker that controls your home during sleep


Korean company Samsung has introduced a new device that tracks sleep called SleepSense.

According to the Verge, the device is ping-pong paddle-shaped and it goes under the mattress to monitor the users in the night, using piezo sensors to detect vibrations. Samsung claims that by this method the device can measure a user’s heart rate, respiration and movement with 97 percent accuracy

The SleepSense connects via low-energy Bluetooth to the user’s smartphone and delivers daily sleep reports every morning, which includes a ‘sleep score’ out of 80 that Samsung says allows the users to quickly quantify how good their sleep was and compare different days, weeks and months.

In addition, it is intended to actively improve the users sleep. The SleepSense will connect to Samsung devices around the users’ houses, including the newly unveiled SmartThings smart hub. By this, the sensor can dim lights, turn off the TV and can change settings of the air conditioning when it notices that someone is going to sleep, and it can also make similar preparations in the morning like turning on the radio and getting a cup of coffee ready via internet-connected brewers.

Samsung says it plans to expand this functionality in the future, although at present there is no reactive element to the SleepSense.



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