Search Engine Friendly Content

Search Engine Friendly Content
Search Engine Friendly Content

First of all you need to answer the following questions:-

1. What is your site for?
2. What does it do?
3. What do you want your visitors to do when they reach it?
4. Would you like them to spend money when they get to it?
5. Or are you just providing them with information?

So you need to remember these, as they will have an impact on the content that you write for your site.

So whenever possible, use short paragraphs or bullet points, as these are more likely to attract visitors, while more lengthy essays will only drive them away.

But if you are selling a service or product then you need to make your site look interesting. Provide as many calls to action as you can, and not just provide them with an online price list.

So remember that you are trying to attract the search engines, but your site should be designed first and foremost for human readers. As long as a site has been designed well with people in mind, then 9 times out of 10 you will find that it is search engine friendly also.

Just like a visitor to your site reads the content on your page in order to figure out what you have to offer, so does a search engine. So when a search engine is looking at your page, they are looking for keyword phrases in your content.

Below are provided a number of tips which should help in your SEO using the content on your site.

1. You should have at least 200 words of content on each page of your site. Although this may be difficult at times, search engines really like it, so it is important that you increase the amount of content where you are able to. Generally speaking, once you surpass 1,000 words, the search engines will pretty much stop looking…so no need to get too long, unless the desired action you want from the visitor requires it.

This text, wherever possible, should include your most important keyword phrases, but should still remain logical and easy to read by visitors to the site.

2. Ensure that you use the phrases which you have used in the other tags on the pages during this part of the optimization process.

3. Add additional content filled pages to the site, such as how to articles, tips or tutorials. Not only do these types of pages help with SEO, but you may find that other sites will link to yours.

These tips should not be ignored, as optimizing your page content is one of the most important things you could possibly do in order to improve your rankings in the Search Engines.

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