Secured Consolidation Loans


If you are looking for ways to make your debt repayments more manageable then our secured loans, consolidation UK loans from our top lenders could be the answer. Our lenders offer a wide product range at competitive interest rates and with repayment terms to suit your needs.

Secured loans, consolidation UK loans are defined by the fact that they are granted using the borrower’s home as security or collateral. This means that if they do not keep up with the repayments on the loan the will eventually have their home repossessed and sold in order to repay the loan. It is wise to ensure that before you secure a debt using the equity in your home, you are confident that you can cover the repayments on secured loans, consolidation UK loans. A simple income and expenditure analysis will give you a picture of your finances and enable you to budget for additional loan repayments. To work out exactly how much you need to borrow you must work out a total figure for your debts don’t forget to ask your creditors for settlement figures, not balances, as any additional charges like early redemption penalties must be included. This is an early settlement charge that some creditors charge when you pay off a debt earlier than agreed at the outset and can be up to 2 months interest.

The amount you borrow is subject to a charge by the lending company and is called the Annual Percentage Rate or APR. Lenders usually quote typical interest rates for secured loans, consolidation UK loans but these are only indications of what you may be offered and not a guarantee. The exact interest rate you are charged will depend on the amount you wish to borrow, the number of years you need to pay back the loan (term) and the lender’s flexible assessment of your unique situation and ability to repay the loan as agreed. You’ll enjoy lower Interest rates for secured loans as apposed to unsecured loans because the lender is taking a lower risk with you betting your home that you will repay the loan.

Comparing APRs is a good way to see just how competitive different secured loans, consolidation UK loans and lenders are. You may even find that the same lender offers lower interest rates for the same product if you apply online as apposed to using the telephone. Interest rates are also referred to in different ways, depending on your repayment preferences. You may choose a fixed interest rate or variable interest rate. With a fixed interest rate your monthly repayments are fixed for the entire term of the loan and remain unaffected by fluctuations in the bank base rate. This will give you the security of knowing exactly how much you are expected to pay each month. In the case of variable interest rates, the rate you pay is linked to the bank base rate and could go up and down from month to month. This would make it difficult to budget accurately but would give you the flexibility of benefiting if interest rates drop. On the other hand, if rates increase you will end up paying more for your loan.

Some lenders allow you some flexibility in permitting over-payments and lump-sum payments with secured loans consolidation UK loans. This could enable you to clear your debt over a shorter period if you can, thus bringing down the total cost of the loan.

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