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Often felt listless and sleepy in the office? If yes, what you usually do? Is going to the pantry to make a cup of hot coffee? Or you choose a short walk out of the office to seek another environment?

Maybe for the short term, this solution looks quite effective.

For long-term outcomes of the most important is to fix some of our habits in the mornings and evenings.
Here are 4 tip:

– Every day wakes up at the same hour.
Barry Krakow, MD, medical director at Maimonides Sleep Arts and Sciences Ld, in Albuquerque, states have the same waking hours every day will automatically train the body’s circadian system. When the system is already good, then our sleep patterns will not be disturbed by any problems. And that means we will avoid sleep problems or insomnia.

– Perform sexual activity on the bed
Assistant professor at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, Avelino Vetceles, MD confirms the main function of the bed is for sleeping and sex. If both functions can be run properly, we will open your eyes, feeling fit and eager to work.

– Eating on time.
Not only hours of sleep, a good working mood can also be realized by having a regular eating schedule. Get used to eating breakfast and lunch on time. Do not let our bodies less ‘petrol’. For lack of power will make us feel sleepy in the daytime. For dinner, it is recommended to do 3 hours before bedtime.

– Do not force the body to rest when tired.
After a day packed with a myriad of jobs, usually what we want is to go home and lay down the body into the bed. Many who thought fatigue would be able to take us to dreamland faster. But that assumption is wrong, usually people who will actually be difficult to sleep exhausted and sleepy, clear Krakow. So, step better is to make us calm and relax your body first. At the time of sleep did come, let our bodies sleep by a dream.

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