SpeedFetch Partners With Ozone WiFi To Offer Free Video Downloads At 60Mbps Across India



We all do. But free and super-fast internet sounds like a hypothetical thing. We are witnessing the launch of fast mobile data networks like 4G LTE all over the globe, but watching videos on these mobile networks can be an expensive affair. Amidst all these expensive 4G data networks, an Indian startup is planning to revolutionize the world.

SpeedFetch, a Delhi-based startup aimed at providing free and instant access to internet videos via its app, has tied up with Ozone WiFi for expanding its services.

“Speed and free content set SpeedFetch apart,” said Dipank Sharma, founder of SpeedFetch.

How Does It Work?

SpeedFetch, as its name suggests fetches content like Hollywood and Bollywood videos, games, etc. from the internet and stores them for offline access.

“It works through micro-caching where content resides on a Speed Fetch box, in a WiFi hotspot location, which allows for faster downloads. Since the download is via WiFi, the content is free of charge,” he explained.

Sharma has invested $ 2 million in his startup till date and plans to take it to the next level by tying up with Ozone networks.

The startup can provide real high speeds by letting its users stream their offline content via Ozone WiFi networks, but the real problem is the network backhaul.

“These speeds are real, but the challenge is the backhaul – fibre in the ground and backbone network – which requires a lot of capital investment (from WiFi provider),” said Prashant Singhal, global telecom practice head at consulting firm Ernst & Young.

SpeedFetch plans to offers speeds of up to 60 Mbps to its users, which is way faster than the current 3G and 4G networks in the country. While this is the ideal speed, the actual speeds are expected between 15-30 Mbps due to various factors like signal strength, network saturation, and the user’s location. These speeds will let you download a 1 GB video file within 5-10 minutes approximately.

Users will be able to download the content provided by SpeedFetch for free for the first day irrespective of their usage. After that, the users will have to buy hourly, daily, or weekly packs for using the internet. The startup is also reported to be in talks with investors for raising funds by diluting 26%-49% of equity.

The Future Plan…

SpeedFetch plans to use the funds raised by diluting its equity for expanding across 20,000 locations and having a consumer base of 50 million users.

Keeping in line with this, it aims to expand to 5,000 locations across the country to have a consumer base of 2 million users.

The offline-access market is growing with a rapid pace in India. The main reasons for this are expensive internet plans and patchy network coverage throughout the nation. The same was acknowledged by the internet giant Google, when it enabled offline YouTube access in India.


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