Stamps as an Investment


A great deal has been written from time to time on this subject, both in favor and disfavor, but, when the different articles on both sides are summed up, one cannot but feel convinced that the collection of stamps in a careful manner, is not only The Hobby of all the Hobbies, but also that it will in time generally yield the collector a fair, and very often a handsome return in financial profit, to say nothing of the profit in pleasure and fraternalism.

Different writers advise different lines and courses to follow, with a view of financial success.  Although every country has its older varieties which continue to advance more or less in value, new issues at one time and another contain errors, etc.  that come quickly into prominence financially, and continue to mount, we are of the opinion, that, if cold financial gain is the object, the line of procedure would be Confine one self to a limited number of items of the older medium priced stamps, and if capital be limited, meddle with but a few countries, procure items in quantities and hold for advance.

This, as previously stated, applies to investment only, purchase for gain.

As to collecting, exchanging, buying and selling, etc., with a monetary ambition, we would not venture a suggestion as to what line to follow; success financially would depend largely and almost entirely upon the experience and ability of the collector plus the amount of capital available.

There is no doubt financial satisfaction has been, and is being achieved every day in good old Philately.

A piece of real good advice is “Exchange, buy, beg, borrow. But don’t steal.  If not in, get in and stay in the game.

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