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Google Adsense
Google Adsense

Many publishers think that they can earn decent amount of Adsense income from their blog or site by simply monetizing it, but it is wrong.

This is the main reason behind the 95% failures of new bloggers and Adsense publishers because they start their blog to make money online with google Adsense with the concept of quick rich formula in mind. How ever, it’s not too hard to reach the goal of getting Adsense check of decent amount every month if you follow these guidelines and wait for the results.

Setup a site or blog, apply for the google Adsense account and once approved, put the Adsense ads on your site. This is not done yet, it was only the first step of your Adsense business journey. Soon after you monetize your blog with Adsense ads, you should start working on following things to get success with google Adsense.

Right Ads for the Right Audience:

I mean the ads being displayed on your blog must be highly relative to your content and your blog niche. How ever if you fail to do so, you will not only loss in your Adsense earnings, but it will also result in bad readers experience, for example if you will see google Adsense ad about “best pregnancy tips” here on this page, you will think that what this ad is doing here and you might also doubt about the quality of this blog, right?I know, the ads are displayed by google Adsense script and you do not have control on it, but wrong ads may also result from wrong or less keyword optimization. Similarly you can make Adsense to display highly relative ads by optimizing your content around your main keyword to improve the chances of being clicked by visitors.

Right Location of the Adsense on Your Page:

This is another most important factor of google Adsense optimization. The location is important because if it is not able to catch the eyes of visitors, how it can get clicked?Most suitable location for ads is some where near the title of your page and some where in between the content it self. You can also put Adsense text links near navigation or vertical ad blocks in sidebar also. Never put it in footer of the site, as most of your visitor will not even scroll your page till the footer where your ads reside. All ads must be visible without the need of scrolling the page.

Right color and Ad Formats to suite your site:

As you know that the default Adsense look is blue title and black text with green url below the ad. You can change these settings from the Adsense setup menu under your Adsense account or within the Adsense code. It is recommended to make Google ads to look like the content of your website or blog post because most people will easily identify the ads and will immediately become ad blind as they are reading your page for information you posted on your page and not for the ads being published.

Changing the color scheme will make it difficult for readers to easily distinguish between ads and content hence they might read the ad title and get interested in. It helps you to improve you overall Adsense CTR (Click Through Ratio).

Right Ad Format:

Choosing the right ad format is also important for greater Adsense earnings how ever you have to select best ad format from your own experience as it depends on which ads are being displayed on your page.

Text Ads:

Some time text ads will perform better and at other time image ads will do better, you can also leave it on Google Adsense to decide which ads perform most for higher earnings for both you and Adsense. I believe that text ads will do better as number of ads will be more than image ads resulting in more ad impression and more chances to be clicked.

Don’t make it too hard for your visitor to identify your content and your ads. Most newbie will think that publishing more ads will greatly improve the chances for maximum revenue from Adsense, hence they fill up the page with maximum allowed ad blocks which is totally wrong strategy. You must maintain the well balance in content and ads keeping the professional look of your webpage in your mind. Although Adsense allows maximum three ad block and three link ad units, you must not go for using them all. I will recommend using one ad block below title, one in sidebar, one link unit near navigation and one may be within the content. How ever choice is yours, you can also use maximum ad units if your site is full content rich and it do not make it look unprofessional for your visitors.

Did you find these tips useful? Don’t forget to comment your review or questions here.

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