Sundar Pichai, Google CEO Salary In Indian Rupees


Sundar Pichai, is appointed as new CEO of the world’s famous search engine Google founded by Larry page and Sergei Brin after the development of Alphabet which is a parent company of Google and other businesses. He is an inspiration for the youngsters to achieve goals and succeed in life. No body matters about CEO of Google but what matters is he is an Indian and the country is proud of him. Everyone wants to know about Sundar Pichai.

Every day thousands of people Google about Sundar pichai to know about his childhood, education, success mantra behind becoming a CEO of Google and the more interesting facts about his professional life and last but not the least the salary of Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai. Everyone is thinking Google has answers for every question, will Google provide information about newly appointed CEO salary??. Here is the information about world’s famous Google’s CEO salary. Google is paying approximately an amount of Rs 310 Crores or $ 50 billion per annum for its  CEO, Sundar Pichai.


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