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Super Mario 64 HD Now Available To Download and Play in Browser – Here the Direct Download Link


Nintendo‘s classic adventure game – Super Mario 64 is now free for everyone to play in browser. Gamers will not have to pay a cent in order to download or play Super Mario 64.Big thanks to Computer science student Erik Roystan Ross, interested gamers now can download and play recreate desktop version Super Mario 64 HD first level  “Bob-Omb Battlefield” right on browser.  The recreate desktop version will be same as original Super Mario 64 first level “Bob-Omb Battlefield”, but with a couple of things missing including no red coins, no Wing Cap, and no Big Bob-omb.

Interested gamers just click the direct download below to download the Super Mario 64 HD first level “Bob-Omb Battlefield”.

Super Mario 64 HD for Windows

Super Mario 64 HD for Mac

Super Mario 64 HD for Linux

Gamepad support is available such as Xbox One, Xbox 360, and DualShock 3 or 4. Just make sure gamepad on and connect it with open the controls menu to set it up (keyboard controls are default).

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