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If you’re a beginner to the world of stamp collecting, it’s important to understand the right way to care for your stamps. By caring for your stamps the wrong way, you can damage or even destroy them, and no collector wants that to happen! Here are some tips to help you take care of your collectible stamps and keep them in perfect condition for years to come.

Keep your stamps in an album that’s specially made for them. The stamp album you choose should feature acid-free pages and a thick, durable cover. You can even find specially made pages that are already designed to hold particular stamps.

Don’t ever touch or handle your stamps. The warmth and natural oils from your fingers can damage collectible stamps. To pick up and move stamps, you’ll need a pair of stamp tongs. These implements look like tweezers and are made from plastic or stainless steel. Use caution when using tongs to make sure you don’t scratch or tear your stamp. To help prevent this from happening, choose tongs that aren’t very sharp on the ends.

Stamp mounts are small rectangular gummed papers that are designed to safely secure your stamps to your album pages. Always use mounts especially made for stamps and don’t try to affix them with anything like tape or glue. This is the surest way to ruin a stamp! Luckily, stamp mounts are very inexpensive and easy to find.

If you’re going to be sorting stamps before placing them into an album, place them inside of glassine envelopes. That way you can easily view them and they’ll be protected from damage. These envelopes are also an ideal way to mail stamps. You can buy glassine envelopes anywhere you find collectible stamps, cards, or coins.

To protect yourself against purchasing fraudulent stamps, get a watermark detector. Many authentic stamps contain watermarks that are impossible to see with the naked eye. A magnifying glass is also a good idea so that you can view even the smallest details.

Properly caring for your stamp collection is an important way to ensure your stamps retain their beauty and value for years to come! To find out more about how to care for your collectible stamps, read up on stamp collecting or talk to a stamp dealer in your local area.

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