The Charm of Stamp Collecting.


The Prince of Wales, in a letter to a Correspondent, referring to philately, wrote: “He is one of
More great pleasures of my life” and the testimony of the Prince of Wales is the testimony of thousands of people who have made use of this captivating Hobby.

The pursuit of a hobby is often a matter of cost. Many Interesting lines of the collection are virtually closed to all but the Riches. But stamp collecting is open to all, for expenses can in his case, be limited to the will of collector or shillings Books. Indeed, the resilience of this hobby is one of its cheapest Charms. The rich collector can choose the most Dear countries, while man afford moderate wisely It would simply as interesting as those countries whose stamps are not All beyond the scope of man who does not want to do his hobby. The schoolboy can get at the same time a very respectable by collecting unwise expenditure of small savings her pocket money, and the millionaire will find enough space for its Excess wealth in the beautiful varieties of precious stones that matters many of the oldest stamp issuing country, and who’s only A few lucky ones can expect to have.

In all there are more than three hundred countries which to make a Selection. In the early days, collectors have taken all countries, but also Country after country followed the example of England when issuing adhesive Stamps for the prepayment of postage, and the series followed in the series New models in each country, the task of covering the entire field Deviant increasingly desperate, and collector began after First to restrict its lines of continents, and then to groups or Country, up to now, only the rich and leisured some attempt to A collection in the postal world.

This restriction necessary to the collection of groups and individuals Countries led to specialization. The specialist concentrates Attention on the issues of a group or a country, and he sued the Study stamps of their choice with all countries in the rigor the specialist modern. He forgot to uncover documents and the State Issues of dusty gazettes, official announcements allowing each issue. It examines the questions surrounding the Selected models, and that is why the choice of the design, Name burner, the materials and processes used in the Production of the plate, the size of plates, and the diversity Qualities of paper and ink used for printing stamps – in fact, Nothing that can complement the story of a question, since its inception, At its use by the public, escapes his attention. It is He, in truth, the historian questions postcards. The scope of Study interesting and open is almost inexhaustible. It includes Polls on matters of heraldry in the drawings, in the currency of Terms used, methods of engraving dies transfer
From the death of plates, printing from steel plates and Lithographic stones, and development of these arts in various Country, production, the variety and quality of Paper used – for the excellent hand-made documents from the early days Printing Papers frequent nowadays – and the income from the post Postaux of evolution, questions of gross postal first time, and The exquisite engraving machine many topical issues.

Anyone who sees no justification for the money spent and the amount of time At the collection of postage stamps will not deny that these Lines of the study, which by no means exhaust the list, can hardly fail At once fascinating and profitable, even when viewed from a Purely educational. It is true, it may be argued that all Collectors will not therefore deeply into philately as a study; Nevertheless, the trend sets so strongly in the direction of Combining studies pleased with the collection, that the man who Today neglects her study of stamps is likely to decrease significantly behind In the competition that continues to stimulate the stamp in its collection Plaisante and friendly rivalry with his fellow men.

Then again, a growing number of new supply problems of one or the other many groups of stamp issuance of the country periodically revived Interest of signalling collector, and binds him back to the passion from his choice. Old, seasoned collectors, whose interest has never once Flags from adolescence to age, new issues relegated to a back seat. They find more than enough to commit their lives with great devotion old Questions of the early colonies. But the collector of modern problems who can afford to engage in the great rarities, issue a new judge Source perpetual enjoyment. They follow months after Months, and breathe in the life of a collector of the irresistible charm Novelty, and every now and again an emergency as a matter comes Surprise. There is a scramble for possession, and a spice of Speculation in the possibility, never absent from a fortune and Emergency number, the copies may be rare, and may one day mature in rarity.

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