The Nexus 5X unlocks faster than the iPhone 6S


The Nexus 5X fingerprint sensor is faster than the iPhone 6S TouchID sensor, even though Apple’s new phone is particularly fast at unlocking.

SuperSaf TV on YouTube has put the two phones side by side to show off how much faster the Nexus 5X fingerprint sensor is.

The video uses a mirror so you can see both the tap on the back of the Nexus 5X and the speed of the unlock on the screen. We did a comparison ourself, and also noticed that the 5X was faster than Apple’s phone.

That’s not to say the iPhone 6S TouchID speed is slow, but the Nexus 5X is particularly fast, and given it has the same sensor as the Nexus 6P we’d expect the same result on that phone.

Having experiments with the Nexus 5X and iPhone 6S in the office, we can see that the iPhone 6S has to load the unlock screen and then a zoom-out animation before it’s fully “open”, while the Nexus 5X just goes straight to the home screen.

Google’s new phones include the Nexus Imprint sensor that works within 600ms, making it particularly fast when making payments or trying to unlock your phone.

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