The Secret Way to Make The Waist Slim


As we get older and less mobile lifestyle, waist size was gradually widened as a result of fat. For those of you who want to get rid of fat around the waist, slight changes in daily activities was a big influence on the size of the waist.

They are more often rose from his seat, about 1258 times in a week rose from the seat, has a size of pants two times smaller than their more sedentary, which is about 99 times pause to sit in the same period.

“The size of a smaller waist means less belly fat, and this pile is a good indication for the heart,” said Genevieve Healy, researchers from Australia who did the study population health.

He explained, when we stand up, big muscles in the legs and back sequentially will contract to maintain the posture. However, when sitting or lying down, it’s muscle groups become inactive.

“For a moment, got up from sitting, about 1-2 minutes, is enough to make these big muscles to contract,” said the researchers who published their study in the journal European Heart Journal.

In his research, Healy and his team examined 4757 people aged 20 years and over who participated in the U.S. National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. All the participants wore an accelerometer at the hip right tool for 7 days when they were awake.

This tool will measure the amount and intensity of physical activity every minute participants. When very low levels of activity, the researchers suspected participants were sedentary.

On average the participants were seated approximately 1.8 hours to 21.2 hours a day. Meanwhile, the amount of time taken to get up around 4.12 minutes.

The researchers found that those who spend lots of time to sit down but do pause and rose from his seat has a more slender waistline. In addition, levels of C-reactive protein (an indicator of inflammation in the body) is also lower.

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