The Truth about Bamboo Investment Opportunities

Investing in Bamboo
Investing in Bamboo

When surfing the Internet for the term ‘invest in bamboo plantations‘, Google, come with a growing number of bamboo investment plans promises high profitability. The question is, are these forestry schemes and investment returns realistic, isn’t this another too good to be true scam?

Personally, I still have to meet the genuine company first because I have been in contact with dozens of forest investment brokers and most of these forestry brokers have absolutely no in-depth knowledge about growing bamboo. Although most of them did some research on numbers and figures (on paper), very few of them have actual field experience.

The rapid growth of bamboo to make a cup of good earnings growth. Bamboo can grow 60 cm per day. Fastest growing of bamboo has been measured to date is 121 cm per day.

Climate and soil: temperature 60 ° C is best for the growth of bamboo plants. Bamboo need support, so the clay soil suitable for cultivation. Thus, bamboo is a plant of sandy soils. Well-drained soil prevents plants undergoing water. Water can cause a bacterial infection of the rhizoids, and the disintegration and dissolution.

Planting of bamboo: Bamboo cultivation is profitable, if planted right away, for example, 21-30 meters. There is room enough for the plant to grow. No need to spend a lot of maintenance. This is another reason that makes bamboo cultivation useful. Planting material for the treatment of bamboo nodes join them. circular nodes are surrounded by bamboo.

Culture: Plants grow on trees do not need much light and fertilizer. But if the plant grows the sale of cabbage will be given sufficient energy. The use of bamboo processing tools has reduced the cost increase. Therefore, the oldest form of bamboo cultivation as consumers increasingly automated.

These bamboo investment companies issuing incorrect statements such as:

* A plantation of bamboo has a lifespan of 15 years. After 15 years the bamboo’s natural life ends.
* Bamboo can be harvested two years after planting, or even better: “Guaranteed returns in the first 3 years”.

Everyone who knows a bit about bamboo have some serious questions when reading statements like this, or worse, when a business plan based on the information. By the way, to set the record right, bamboo does not die 15 years after planting, except where bamboo flowering begins. And the bamboo can be harvested on an annual basis from the year 5 (for small diameter stems, stalks of large diameter can be harvested from year 9). Large diameter culms have to be at least 4 years old and newly planted Guadua bamboo won’t produce large diameter stems in less than 5 years (after which they have to mature for at least another 4 years).

There are many advantages of bamboo cultivation, bamboo is profitable growth. Number of wood, bamboo products per unit of land, more than anything else, more than 20 times. Bamboo can be grown on degraded land. Bamboo and wood production is very profitable, due to its rapid growth. Most tropical plants will take about 30 years to reach full maturity.

Countries like Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Korea, imports of large-scale bamboo. Therefore, bamboo grows for benefit options.

I am also skeptical about how these companies or brokers to sell and distribute their crops of bamboo, once they are ready for harvest. They could very well accept 5000 hectares worth of investors but how, and to who, are they going to sell your crop? Forestry brokers are initially not focused on crop sales, selling your crop is a problem to deal with later, as long as they get the funds to set up THEIR plantation. However, finding investors is one business, having the connections, know how, infrastructure to manufacture value added products, marketing and distribution is something else.

Any way becareful, when you are going to invest on these Bamboo Investment Schems.

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