The website Facebook doesn’t want you to mention


Facebook users wanting to post links to another social media site will find their comment blocked, it has emerged.

When people try to add a link to, which is a small invite-only social network, Facebook blocks the post and does not let it appear. Even mentioning it in private on Facebook Messenger will not work, and earlier posts including links to Tsu have been deleted, CNN has reported.

Yet this is apparently not an aggressive competitive strategy but an effort by Facebook to prevent “spammy behaviour,” according to Mashable. is a social media site whose users get financial rewards for sharing content, with the site keeping 10% of the ad revenue and the rest distributed among contributors.

As a result, said Facebook, Tsu users were creating fake accounts to boost their pages and Facebook users were reporting links as spam.

Facebook said that sites like Tsu violate its rules on spamming, which is defined by the social media firm as “sending bulk messages, excessively posting links … and sending friend requests to people you don’t know personally.”

 A Facebook spokesperson told Mashable: “We require all websites and apps that integrate with Facebook to follow our Platform Policy. We do not allow developers to incentivize content sharing on our platform because it encourages spammy sharing and creates a bad experience for people on Facebook.”
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