The Wey Smart Touch: a keyboard that puts you in complete control


Working in an environment that places you in the center of a multitude of displays? Constantly switching between screens until you’re all but pulling your hair out? The WEY Smart Touch is a device that could just be the ticket to simplify processes in multi-screen workplaces, where users need to juggle between different systems and information sources.

This multifunctional keyboard, developed and produced by WEY and made in Switzerland, aims to revolutionize efficiency in high-performance, mission-critical workplaces, such as control rooms and on trading floors. It enables switching between numerous computers and information sources onto multiple screens and video walls. Central to the WEY Smart Touch is its 10-inch touch screen that can be intuitively programmed using drag and drop, to automatically adapt its layout between selected systems: for example, telephony, messenger, two-way radio and videoconferencing, as well as external devices and other software applications. It also has a backup feature that saves its entire layout and setup externally, enabling it to be quickly replicated to another device in case of a failure or disaster.

The WEY Smart Touch is designed to be operated intuitively by a wide variety of employees, where programmable fields on the touch screen and interchangeable keypads can be customised to individual specifications–much like a profile. With its exchangeable snap-in key panel, the keyboard is built to adapt itself to high-volume 24-hour working environments. The keyboard also uses movement and brightness sensors to make it more comfortable for long-term use, enhancing ergonomics while lowering energy consumption.

This ‘one keyboard to rule them all’ is aimed at applications that require real-time response in multitasking environments such as police and fire departments, emergency services, airports, railway and traffic control centres, trading floors, energy production facilities, industrial environments, multimedia reception areas and smart buildings, etc. The WEY Smart Touch is available in over 40 countries worldwide.


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