Tiny but strong: This is how sesame seeds promote good health!


Although tiny, sesame seeds pack quite a punch when it comes to health. One of the first oil seeds known to humankind, sesame seeds have been widely employed in culinary as well as traditional medicines for their wholesome, nutritious, prophylactic, and remedial properties.

Known for its distinct nutty flavour, sesame seeds are not only extolled for their nutritional content in seed form, but are also highly valued for their rancid-resistant oil.

They were considered worth their weight in gold during the Middle Ages and for many good reasons.

They are commonly added to salads, as an ingredient or topping for bread and grain products, crackers, sushi, cakes, soups, breading for fish and meat, and a wide variety of other applications. You can find sesame seeds in almost every cultural cuisine in some way.

Listed below are ten points about sesame seeds that will benefit your health in every way. Take a look!

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