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Top 10 Best Freelance Work from Home Jobs


Work from HomeWorking as a freelancer, online, from the comfort of your home and making a living out of it? Impossible! But is it, really? Even though some of these allegedly amazing job opportunities are nothing but scams, there are those that are real and actually pay off. All you need for these jobs is a high speed internet connection, maybe a telephone and some knowledge and skills. No other investments are necessary. Of course, you may have to adapt your skills to fit the needs of the job, but that is something any kind of job might require.

On the other hand, what you can get out of it might make you never want to work an ordinary job ever again. You can work from home, at a beach, in a café or any other place of your choosing. You can have flexible hours and a competitive salary that can even outmatch the salary you would be getting if you worked in an office doing the same type of job. So whether you are just doing it to earn some extra money to pay for your summer vacation, or you want to make it a main source of income, you can expect to profit from working a freelance job.

There are many freelance job opportunities, but some of them pay off more and fit into the list of best freelance jobs. Read on if you want to find out which jobs we’re talking about.

Content Writing

What you need in order to be able to do this type of job is a talent for writing, good grammar skills, a computer and a decent internet connection. You don’t have to go through formal education, but you do need to possess a proficient knowledge of the language you will be writing in. This is one of those jobs where you can prosper without investments. It will require you to work hard and deal with lots of assignments, but it will pay off. There are many websites where you can find work and the price for your contribution depends on your skills, experience and quality of your work, as well as the urgency.

If you are a professional content writer (and in time you can become one), you can make a living out of it. There are many topics you will probably be writing on, from creative and artistic to technical and scientific. The key is mastering your writing on all the topics ̶ that will make you more desirable to every employer.

The most important factor that differentiates a good writer from a bad one, besides the quality of the content, is the writer’s ability to deliver a paper without (or with minimum) spelling and punctuation errors. Another thing is that a good writer is inspired daily and can provide fresh and unique content. If you think you are able to write each day without getting dull, you might be the right person for this job.

Teaching Online English

English is the global lingua franca. It is the language most commonly used for business or any other type of communication between people who do not share a native language. This means that teachers are always necessary, and online teaching is now one of the most common ways to do this job.

To be an online English teacher, first you need to, well, know the language. You should either have a university diploma or one of the common tests passed, such as FCE or TOEFL. This will tell your potential employees that they can rely on your knowledge, and they really do need to be confident that you will be able to pass that knowledge to your students. Like in most telecommunications jobs, experience is appreciated, but even if you don’t have any, it is not a deal-breaker. You will probably have more trouble finding that first job, that is almost guaranteed, but if you are good, there will be a job for you. Be persistent and, when you have an interview, try to point out that your lack of teaching experience isn’t such a downside. Maybe offer to give a few lessons for free and let them decide for themselves?

Secondly, you will need a good internet connection. Whether the classes will be via Skype or some other platform, you don’t want your voice breaking or any other inconveniences during your class. If you do not have a good connection, now is the time to invest. It will pay off.

The bottom line is, if you are good at English and you want to teach, there is a job for you out there somewhere. Be persistent and you will end up working from home, managing your own time and using your knowledge to earn good money.


If you speak more than one language, and by speaking, we mean actually have a formal education in grammar and vocabulary, in speaking and writing, of one or more foreign languages, you can try working online as a freelance translator.

It may be tough finding work at first, especially if you have never translated before. But get down to writing your CV and apply to as many jobs as you can find, and it may take some time but eventually you will get your first job, and it gets easier with time and experience. Look online Gtcompanies looking for translators, maybe even do some work for free first, so you can put it in your resume. A good reference is gold.

Also, keep in mind that translating takes time and it is not enough to turn on Google Translate and copy/paste. This may go unnoticed once, but you will get caught in the end and, once you become known for taking money for a job badly done, you can say goodbye to ever working in this branch again. Online vocabularies aren’t forbidden, just the opposite – they will make your job a lot easier and faster, since you don’t have to go through thousands of pages to find the word(s) you need, so take advantage of that but you be the translator.

One more thing – the price. Don’t overestimate yourself, but don’t underestimate either. Look online at the prices that are common and maybe start a little lower, and build as you go. As you get better and faster, you get more expensive – that’s the rule.

Give it a try. This job is great for anyone who has had many classes or is simply a native speaker of a foreign language and who wants to be their own boss and be able to set their own work hours.


When looking for a good freelance job, many people opt for programming, since it is a great way to make money both short and long-term. The demand for programmers is higher every day due to huge development to both software industry and the internet. Just be sure to know what you are doing.

To be a freelance programmer, you definitely need to know your way around codes, scripts and all the other stuff regular people don’t understand. Whether you have a formal education or are self-taught, you surely understand that this is no joke. There is plenty of work to go around, but also there are more and more programmers every day, so be good at what you are doing. Invest in yourself and in your knowledge and you will prosper.

Do a good job, make your clients happy, and you will get more jobs – it’s simple. People will recommend you to their friends, associates, coworkers if you are able to do the job as promised. Also, don’t forget that you are allowed, and even recommended to work with other freelancers, whether it is in a team that will share the workload or you want to hire a designer for one part of the job, copywriter for the other and focus on the core of the problem yourself.

There is always demand for a good programmer, so if you are one, go online and get yourself some work and you will surely enjoy making a living out of something you invested a lot in.

Online Marketing

For businesses to perform effective online marketing and advertising campaigns, they usually hire someone to constantly test and update these campaigns and ensure they are getting maximum return on their investment. This is a job that an online marketer does.

Now, this sounds obvious, but apparently a lot of people try working as marketers without knowing the basics of the job. Don’t be one of those – it will get you nowhere. Things like branding, targeting, engagement, communication, advertising, messaging, follow-up… if you don’t know what they mean, you have two options: either get to know them or try some other freelance job, surely there is something else out there for you.

So, if you are sure you know how to do this job, you can benefit from it working as a freelancer. It is another one of those jobs that are always popular but also very competitive. You have to build your name and your work. First you have to advertise yourself in order to be chosen to advertise others. So prove your value by being your own best marketer. Create your own brand and become the first one they think of. It will require a lot of work and a lot of time, but you have the comfort of your own home and all the time you need.

The sooner you start, the better. This is a job that pays well, lets you plan your own day and is creative and you definitely won’t get bored doing it. If you think you are born to do this, look for your first job and get down to building a legen-wait for it-dary reputation.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is performance-based marketing, which lets you earn money by recommending products. So basically you get paid to bring people to a certain company, actually, to their website, by advertising them online.

Other than knowing about the company you will be working for, you have to know a lot about the internet and the way it works. The search engines, keywords, tracking, this will all be helpful. You also need to be familiar with search engines like Google and SEA (Search Engine Advertising) and/or SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and your job will possibly overlap with paid search engine marketing (PPC – Pay Per Click), e-mail marketing, content marketing and in some sense display advertising.

It will take a lot of your time before you start earning serious money, but when you get there, you will see how good it can get. Take a vacation and work from the seaside or lay in your bed, in your pajamas, the whole day while working – this is all possible.

It is not an easy job and it will take up your time, you have to learn a lot about how internet really works and you have to build up slowly, but this type of marketing is on the rise. It can only get better and you can only get paid more – that is, if you really commit and become good at it. So why not give it a try?

Web Development

Believe it or not, there is a surprisingly big number of companies that still do not have a website. It seems strange in the era of internet and internet marketing, but it is true. Many of them just now come to realize that they actually need a web presentation in order to be able to compete in the web-world and therefore they hire web designers to make one for them.

You don’t need any formal education but in that case you do need to learn by yourself. It may take you a couple of weeks to learn WordPress or Joomla but after that it all comes down to your wit and creativity. And even that may not be necessary if you use premade templates which are available online for free or at a low cost. Learn how to manage the pages, read a little about design, photography, marketing and make yourself the best web designer there is. If your web pages have a lot of traffic, it will speak for itself.

Promote yourself by first making your own website – sounds logical. This way you will show your potential costumers all you can do, so make it good. Put all you have in it and then start advertising yourself. You must know a company nearby that needs a website – why not offer them a good deal and when they are pleasantly surprised by your work, ask them to recommend you to others? Start at lower prices and the better you get the more money you can ask. And people will be willing to pay when they know that they can count on you.

This is a job that will give you the opportunity to use your creativity in many ways and create something that many people will see, so your business can grow pretty quickly once you start doing it. So get down to it!

Social Media Marketing

If you, like the rest of the world, spend a lot of time on Facebook and Twitter, why not use it to earn money. Most companies find it very hard and probably boring to update their social media pages daily, and this needs to be done since it is one of the main marketing forms nowadays. This is the job you can do.

This job requires minimal technical knowledge – if you are a social media user (and who isn’t today?) you already know most of what you need to. You may need to learn how to promote pages or boost posts but this is really no trouble at all. Apart from that, you don’t have to learn anything new. It is just up to your creativity and the time you will invest in it.

spend a lot of time at the computer and you can’t let your Facebook friends, YouTube videos, or anything else distract you from what you need to do. Your work will be reviewed and the point is to advertise your client. You need to bring them more costumers. You need to keep their pages alive and bring new people to them. But if you succeed, it may really be a dream job.

It will probably take you a few days to master it, but once you do, it will become a no-brainer. In the end, spending a whole day on Facebook and Twitter, how hard can it really be?

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is a person who does their job from home and the job is mostly administrative tasks that are similar to those of a secretary or an executive assistant. Their field can vary from company from company, so people with different backgrounds and education can work as one.

Depending on your employee, you could be doing bookkeeping, database entries, online research, social tasks, correspondence etc. As a virtual assistant, you will basically be there for your boss for whatever he would usually hire a secretary to sit in the office – but you will be at your own home. This job can be demanding, it can take up a lot of your time and it may be boring at times, but pretty much anyone can do it. You will probably need some internet knowledge and social skills, and, again, depending on who you work with, may need some special education. Most companies will also provide some additional training if they need you to do a special line of work. If you are helpful to your employer, they will probably give you more responsibilities and you will probably get paid better.

This is a good job for someone who is a good administrator and time manager. If you see yourself as a person that would normally work as an assistant in a company office, but you like working from home, this is the right job for you.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it means getting traffic for a website from the “free” or “natural” search results on search engines. In the era of internet we are living in, this is one of the internet marketing strategies that pay off the most for the companies, as well as SEO experts.

What you actually as a search engine optimizer do is examine how search engines work, find out what people search for and learn which are the most common keywords and which search engines are used most often. The next step is optimizing a website to get the most from Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. without paying for advertising. You can do that by editing its content, HTML and similar codes, to increase the number of keywords and the possibility of it appearing in one of the first pages of these search engines. Another way to achieve this is to promote the website and connect it by links to other websites that rank well on search engines.

To do all this you need to be familiar with both programming and marketing and have a lot of time on your hands. You need to understand how the internet works and what is needed to be easily found through a search engine. It requires a lot of work and commitment, but in return it is very well paid.

SEO is one of the jobs that have just recently appeared, and there still are not that many experts in this field. If you start now, you could be well established by the time other people realize they too could make a living out of SEO.

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