US Elections – A Victory for Barack Obama

US Elections
US Elections

Capping a long and bitter campaign, People in USA began casting their votes at polling stations across the nation on Tuesday, with many polls showing a statistical dead heat among President Barack Obama and his opposition Mitt Romney. However, it appears that swing states, especially Ohio, might be the deciding factor in the state-by-state contest.

At least 120 million people are expected to make judgment on whether to give President Obama another term or replace him with Republican opposition Romney.

Getting re-elected following a grittily challenging 4 years was usually going to be much more difficult as compared to getting elected after the financial and military incompetence of the George Bush period. But that is what Barack Obama achieved following a hard pounding campaign and a nail biting competition. His victory was not big. It was not pretty. It did not break the mould. It definitely was not motivational in the way that his win in 2008 was. In places it had been wafer-thin. But it really was a US presidential win all the same. And the win in 2012 matters just as much as the previous win did in 2008. In hard times, it is even, arguably, a greater political success. Mr Obama’s win is good for Americans, good for America, and good for the world.

President Barack Obama rode a wave of wide support from moderates, women and minorities to win re-election Tuesday by defeating Republican opposition Mitt Romney in Democratic strongholds and crucial battleground states.

Supporters danced and cheered at Obama’s success celebration in Chicago, and the president thanked them for ensuring the nation will continue to move forward while warning the battle for change they look for will continue to be hard.

Obama Election Win
Obama Election Win

The president won his home state of Illinois along with Romney’ s home state of Massachusetts — the place that the Republican previously served as governor. He also won Romney’s birth state of Michigan, as well as Colorado, Nevada, California, Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, Oregon, Washington, New Mexico, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Vermont, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Maine, Rhode Island, Hawaii and the District of Columbia.

Romney won North Carolina, Idaho, Montana, Arizona, Kansas, Louisiana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas, Wyoming, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, Kentucky, Indiana, West Virginia, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Utah, Missouri and Georgia.

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