uTorrent May Use Your Computer to Mine Bitcoin


uTorrent is one of the most popular torrenting clients on the Internet. When downloading uTorrent, users are promised with a light and fast piece of software that will efficiently download your torrents, so you can listen to your music and watch your movies in no time.

However, some users are saying that the latest version of the client installed bitcoin mining software on their computers upon downloading the client. Furthermore, these users were not prompted when beginning the download that their computers would be used for bitcoin mining.

The software that uTorent users claim was installed on their computers is EpicScale, a mining program that utilizes the unused processing power on your computer to hash out blocks and give bitcoin rewards to whoever controls the software. In one of the several threads on the uTorrent forums regarding this issue, a representative from uTorrent confirmed that the organization indeed had a partnership with EpicScale, in which uTorrent would install the software on user’s computers and mine bitcoin in the background as a way to generate revenue for uTorrent.

Despite its users’ discontent, uTorrent denied doing anything wrong, and said that they were not installing the EpicScale software in secret. When installing the client, users are prompted with an option to install other recommended software in addition to uTorrent, and the company said that users were choosing actually to install the bitcoin mining software. However, users are complaining that EpicSoftware is not mentioned anywhere in the prompt for installing additional software, and that the prompt they are presented with when installing uTorrent looks more like a Terms of Service agreement than an option to install software.

Image courtesy of SimplYcons.

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